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I entitled this album No Longer Bound and it is a reflection of the past decade of my life. We are all challenged with trials and tribulations which can alter the course of our lives. This can include family deaths, irreconcilable relationships, low self esteem, doubt, worry, fear, anxiety etc. All of these things are resistance that blocks us of our blessings and it lives in the mind. 


Each piece has specific meanings which encompass the overall theme of the album. The pieces were also written in the very moment I experienced hurt, pain, happiness, melancholy, prayer as well as when I awakened from dreams or visions. This music represents people who experience these emotions when no on else knows and long to break free of the mental chains of bondage. I hope you enjoy this music I present to you that will be available March 10th 2017 on all major digital platforms.

Here's That Rainy Day - Stantawn Kendrick
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Stantawn Kendrick - saxophones

Eric Reed - piano

Jacob Webb - electric acoustic bass


Enoch Smith Jr. (piano, fender Rhodes)

Karen Marie (vocals)

Angeleisha L. Rodgers (trumpet, flugelhorn)

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